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The Law Office of Robert Hudson offers comprehensive legal services to those in Tarrant and surrounding counties.  We pride ourselves at protecting the legal rights of every client by providing individualized attention and quality service during all phases of the legal process.

Mediation Services 

Mediation is one of the most powerful tools available to help resolve difficult issues.  The process, when handled appropriately, allows both sides of a dispute to be heard while working toward a customized resolution.  Many times in traditional courtroom battles both sides come away feeling like they lost.  In my experience the reason for this boils down to two major factors.  One is the fact that in traditional litigation, the client does not feel in control of the procedure and more times than not find the experience and result to be distasteful.  In mediation, the setting is less formal and allows both sides to express their concerns in a safe and direct manner.  This process provides the most input from clients and thus provides the most satisfactory result.  The second major factor is that mediation is quick and less expensive.  In most cases, the total cost to a client is much less after consideration of all factors including time and attorney fees.  

If you have a case that you feel would benefit from mediation, please contact our office today.  We have the ability to meet your schedule.   

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